18 May 2017
News S255 serie

Battery Master Switch presents the second generation S255 SODEREP-ECANS battery switches. Draftproofed, IPX9K, this range are developed to respond at the European and Australian ADR standards. With high safety level, it allows to respond at the ATEX requirements.

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20 July 2016
Nouveauté série S130

This 250 A, IP 67 manual battery switch is a design solution equipped with an ergonomics handle and grip. A large choice of configuration is available with multiple versions - from simple to complex terminals and with or without auxiliary circuit.

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21 April 2016
Nouveauté série S220


Our S250, S255 and S260 series of ADR products, our S716 series of ATEX lightning and our company are submitted and comply to the requirements of this regulatory evolution.

As a buyer of these products, your company must fulfil the obligations of this directive. That’s why we recommend you to read the following information.


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14 March 2016
New S30 Series

This 275 A battery master switch, made of high-strenght plastic, IP65/IPX9K/ISO8846 marine and available in various colors allows different mounting solutions.


20 January 2016
New S45 Series

This new bipolar battery switch, IP67 & up to 200 A comes in a large choice of configurations to accompany you on your work site.

Fixed or removable handle, padlockable or not, with its compact size , its robustness & its different versions, it will adapt to your needs.


01 January 2015
New S220 Series

This 200 A bistable battery master switch IP65/IPX9K is a productive and smart solution, which allows to configure your multiple functions, thanks to its different IN and OUTputs.